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Care & Maintenance information is available upon request and can also be found on the product's website. A link to each of our most popular brands is listed at the bottom of our Products page.
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    How should I care for exterior zippers?
    Zippers exposed to sunlight or saltwater become problematic after time. To extend the life of your zippers always rinse with fresh water after an exposure to salty environments. When corrosion happens spray CLEAR (non-automotive) SILICONE SPRAY on the teeth and in the slider to ease up frozen zippers. Sorry... we don't recommend chap-stick!
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    BLEACH. . . . .
    While bleach is infamously popular with eliminating mold & mildew and is even approved for use on Sunbrella Fabrics, it still hurts your threads! We recommend using a non-harmful solution for routine cleanings and when you are ready to bleach your item we strongly urge you to avoid any seams or consider a restitch upon contact. IOSSO Mold & Mildew Cleaner works great on canvas & vinyl. Check out our store!
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    How can I protect my new upholstery?
    We recommend the same way you'd protect any electronics, hatches or valuables: put a cover on it! While the materials we use are UV rated and some products can be applied to condition and extend its life upon wear & tear, a custom independent or all inclusive cover is truly the way to minimize its time in the elements and extend its life.
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    My isinglass is brittle... how should I handle it?
    If your roll glass feels like real glass try not to handle it. It is safest not to flex and stress the glass in weather below 65 degrees. Wait until the sun warms the glass to make it pliable if possible. The glass shrinks in cooler weather and if your enclosure has been off there is a strong chance it won't fit due to the difference in climate. Always roll your glass instead of folding. Folding can cause permanent creases!
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    A seam in my cushion busted... Help!?
    Recovering upholstery isn't cheap. It's even more when you have to replace foam. If you have a seam busting on a cushion and aren't ready to replace it keep it covered to protect the foam from sunlight. UV breaks down the foam and makes matters worse. If you think your cushion can be restitched refrain from using duct tape (it becomes impossible to later remove for repair). For non-repairable items we recommend Tear Aid. Check out our store!
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    Installation Techniques
    Having trouble snapping your dodger? Or attaching a bimini clip? Push slightly on the frame or unzip the frame pocket to get slack in the canvas. Snap or attach your strap and then try re-zipping the pocket. It is sometimes easier to secure hardware prior to closing up all lose ends. We also offer a Top-Snapper that is a favorite tool for many of our customers. Check out our store!
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    How should I care for my Strataglass?
    Never use paper towels or abrasive cloths (microfiber is our favorite). Absolutely NO Windex. Clean rinse after use is always beneficial. Carefully follow Strataglass Care & Maintenance during the lifetime of your manufacturer's warranty! We offer their recommended cleaners in our store if needed. CLICK HERE TO GO TO STRATAGLASS CARE & MAINTENANCE
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